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Unplugging the Patriarchy-Lucia RENE

Lucia René

Unplugging the Patriarchy – A Mystical Journey in the Heart of a New Age : A real page turner book I recommend!

Effort is not a factor in your experience

About deliberate creation, trying and struggle.

Esther « Abraham » HICKS.

Synchronicité, coïncidence curieuse!

Destin, rencontres fortuites, le monde est vraiment petit, jamais deux sans trois, nous avons tous eu l’occasion d’expérimenter ces « coïncidences curieuses ».

Comment sont-elles possibles? Charon, Dutheil ou d’autres proposent des théories pour tenter de les expliquer, même si pas prouvées scientifiquement,  nous pouvons y jeter un œil.

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Ou, plus simple, l’ interview de François de Witt par Lilou Macé:

Anatomy for Reiki


Here you can find the PDF with more explanations about these organs and the back view (kidneys etc.)

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Making the religion/spirituality distinction:

From Reiki For Dummies by Nina L. Paul / with my comments below.

Reiki isn’t a religion, but it is spiritual. The distinction between spirituality and religion has caused a lot of confusion with regard to Reiki. These concepts are overlapping but separate. Spirituality is the belief in your connection with the divine, no matter whether you call it a higher power, God, spirit, soul, or even the stars. The purpose of spiritual development is to improve this connection and see the divinity within yourself and all around you.

Religion provides guidance on how to develop yourself spiritually. It tells you what the divine looks like and gives you frameworks of texts, places of worship, and guides to support you.

You can be part of a religion and not have a spiritual connection. You can have a spiritual connection and not belong to a religion.

Reiki provides a means for spiritual growth. No matter what your religious background, you’ll find that the principles are relevant and don’t conflict with your religious practice. In fact, Reiki should enhance your personal religious connection. The spiritual aspects of Reiki enable you to do the following:

  • Connect to a higher source: You use prayer and meditation to connect to God or the higher power of your own beliefs. Spiritual connection provides the never-ending supply of Reiki energy.
  • Channel the higher energy: Reiki healing energy is not from the practitioner but comes through the practitioner from God or another higher power.
  • Keep spiritually healthy: Just as you maintain your physical health with nutritious food, fresh air, and exercise, you also need to maintain your spiritual health. Prayer, meditation, quiet times, and spiritual exercise (doing kind acts) can help in this regard. Reiki uses the following spiritual tools: Reiki principles, meditation, and symbols and chanting.
I would add this:


  • A Reiki practitioner is only a channel for Reiki energy. This energy cannot be manipulated.
  • The Reiki practitioner got his abilities from an initiation-protocol given by a Reiki Master Teacher.>>  attunement of Reiki energy with the subtle energy system of the human body
  • Everyone can be a Reiki Master Teacher.
  • A Master Teacher is a person that reached the level of Teacher.
  • When a person heals, it is only because the person triggered his/her self-healing process, whatever the technique or medication used.
  • The Reiki practitioner is only (but important!)  a guide for the receiver.
  • The Reiki practitioner shall not judge anything or anyone.
  • The Reiki practitioner shall stay humble in any circumstances.
  • The Reiki practitioner observes and puts his/her hands according to his/her observations.
  • The Reiki practitioner does not persuade anyone and keeps his/her beliefs for him/herself.
  • The Reiki practitioner sends the person to the doctor or hospital if needed.
  • Reiki is a energetical healing technique used more and more in complementary therapy in Europe and the US.
  • Reiki energy goes through every material/clothes.
  • Reiki is compatible with every therapy.
  • The Spiritual aspect of Reiki comes through the 5 Reiki Ideals
  • The final goal of Reiki is to become a better person every day.
  • Treatments and trainings have a cost like every other service.


  • A magical power or a gift.
  • The Reiki practitioner is not allowed to diagnose any illness.
  • The Reiki practitioner does not heal anyone and does not pretend it.
  • The Reiki practitioner does not promise any healing.
  • The Reiki practitioner has no right to give opinion about any illness, medications, diagnosis, therapeutic choice etc
  • Reiki does not replace any other medicine or therapy.
  • The Reiki practitioner does not replace the doctor.
  • During a Reiki session, the Reiki practitioner does not use any drug substance or any kind.
  • Reiki Master Degree does not imply a special degree of wisdom, intelligence, spirituality, or any kind of gift.
  • Reiki is no dogma.
  • There is no obligation of any kind with Reiki.
  • There is no reducing freedom practice or teaching.
  • Reiki is not a religion.
  • There is no central or pyramidal organisation in Reiki.
  • There is no guru in Reiki.
  • There is no requisite financial participation.
  • Reiki is not a sect.

Yannick Vérité Interview

Une mine d’informations sur les « thérapies quantiques », mais sur beaucoup de thèmes différents, sur la vie, le sens de ses maladies, de la guérison. Quelle est cette vie , quel est son sens et quels sont ses choix simplement. Puis des bons trucs/solutions  à suivre.

What is a Reiki Initiation?

An initiation (or « attunement ») is made by a Reiki Master Teacher, putting him/herself at the disposal of the universal energy which will work through him/her.

What is a Reiki initiation?

An initiation (or « attunement ») is made by a Reiki Master Teacher, putting him/herself at the disposal of the universal energy which will work through him/her.

Therefore, no Super Powers involved, just a knowledge that we do not have.

The Reiki initiation allows the person who asked for it to be able, at the end of the two days course, of channelling the energy of Reiki through his/her hands and this for all his/her life.

This « attunement » must be done 4 times (for the 1st degree called SHODEN in all cases), on two days.

It must be accompanied by a teaching on how to use this energy – its instructions for use – , the specificity of each degree, different techniques bequeathed by the elders of our lineage, why when and how, on the origin of this tool and especially on the ethics of  Reiki. That is why two days are necessary and often a tight schedule.

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