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The Reiki Share Project: A Unique Organization

The Reiki Share Project: A Unique Organization.

Parler du reiki

Par Eric FRUNEAU, article glané dans le dernier Reiki Forum. Si véritable!

« Et toi, tu fais quoi ? Heu….moi ? Du REIKI. Du quoi ? Du REIKI ! Ah, et c’est quoi ? » Lire Plus

Human Energy Field and James OSHMAN research

Interview of James OSHMAN by William Lee RAND

Or how does reiki work…

Reiki and Religion

It is often difficult to explain about reiki to people that practice a religion.

Here is the example that this technique can be used for a great benefit and without any « damage » or « danger » as I often can hear or read around.

Now of course, everybody is free of  his/her own opinion.