What is Reiki?

Even Google (« Dear Uncle Google ») is unable to give a clear answer to this simple question.

The answer for me a few years ago was finally « So try it! ».

And here I am. I started practicing on myself in 2009 and teaching in 2015.

Reiki is a Japanese technique of healing by laying on of hands. But it has nothing to do with massage.

« Ki » of Reiki is similar to Chi in Chinese, Light for the Christians, the Hindus Prana and Bio-Energy of the scientists. We can see it as Universal Life Energy.

The Reiki practitioner is thus a channel that lets a concentrate of this Energy of Life flow through his hands.

So, he treats himself above all and provides care to any person making the request (animal kingdom likes Reiki too see here…) .

Only the Master Teachers can initiate a person to Reiki. Doing this « attunement », by a specific protocol, he enables the person’s body  to channel  Reiki and this for all his/her life. More

Reiki is a complementary care to traditional medicine, it does not replace it.  It acts as a complement, relieves pain, restores the vitality and simply maintains in good health. Reiki is not a part of the medical, nor of the paramedical, no therapy, no psychotherapy, no magnetism. It is neither hypnosis, nor Sophrology, nor auto-suggestion. It does not replace any medical treatment. Reiki is neither a sect, nor a religion.

My teachers:

It is important to know where we come from, and who the teachers of our teachers were. I received my initiations and teachings (1st grade-SHODEN, 2d-OKUDEN, 3d-SHINPIDEN and 4th SHIHAN ) by the Master Teacher Etienne Saintelet, initiated and trained himself by Nita Mocanu. I also received from Etienne Saintelet  the initiation and teachings of Reiki Karuna®.

You can learn more about my teacher’s lineage on his website: Reikido


The recipient is lying on the massage table. By laying hands on different parts of the body, Reiki will relax deeply and fill, if necessary, deficits in energy. Contact is not required. The practitioner is simply a channel for the energy, he does not practice any physical manipulation. The session lasts approximately one and a half hour. Plan a little more time, Reiki makes sometimes sleep!

We recommend to attend four sessions quite close to each other.

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The Reiki Principles:

I will not anger
I will not worry
I will be humble
I will be grateful
I will be compassionate towards myself and others

Sharing Evenings:

You are initiated to Reiki and want to share treatments with others? Teamwork is always more efficient. One time a month a (free) sharing evening is organized, in small group, 8 people maximum, around one or two  massage tables.


More information and registration

And do not forget, to understand what Reiki REALLY feels like,  the best is give it a try! 

It will never harm you, your body receives only the right amount of Reiki for your highest good.

It is always best to live a present/live session, due to actual political and sanitary situation, do not hesitate to contact me for a distant session.

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